Razer Reveals Hammerhead Pro


Perpetually emerald gaming peripheral maker, Razer has announced a new set of ear buds that promise to bring the boom for all your favorite video games. The Hammerhead Pro packs a mighty punch for such a tiny package and they're great for gaming as well as daily use.

I've been rocking the Hammerhead for last day or so and have been genuinely impressed with the fidelity of sound. The ear buds are positioned deep in your ears pounding sound directly into your brain. Generally speaking, the audio quality is top notch with head thumping bass meshed perfectly with ear-bursting trills several octaves higher. Playing "Battlefield 3" provided crisp sound without any skipping or static feedback with clear distinction all around the chaos. The bass is especially notable as the Hammerhead has a ton of oomph which can rock your socks without any break-up or drop in signal. You won't miss any of the noise when you've got these equipped.

The weight is light enough that you won't even notice you're wearing them after a few minutes. Additionally, the cable is pretty long so that it reaches from most jacks without becoming a hassle. Extended use can, of course lead to a sore ear but thankfully there are a number of ear-tip sizes to choose for the perfect fit. The tips are soft touch and flexible and weren't too intrusive while wearing them.


Regrettably, I found the omni directional mic a bit lacking while playing online. Voices would sometimes fade a bit or begin to crackle as any time I spoke, I would come off as shouting. It also seemed a bit finicky with picking up outside interference from ambient noises around my apartment. Weirdly, using the mic with my phone proved to be a better experience and work exactly how you'd want. Since I've only had a little time to mess around with the settings it could just be something on my end regarding online play.

Despite the finicky mic, the Hammerhead Pro proved an excellent audio experience and at pretty reasonable price. For those on a budget and needing a powerful and sharp pair of earphones or just need a quality portable set while on the go, the Hammerhead would be an excellent addition to your inventory.

Razer Hammerhead Pro is available now for $69.99.