Super Smash Bros at EVO Sets New Livestream Records

Fox McCloud image from Super Smash Bros. Dojo

Can you guess which of the numerous fighting games that were livestreamed during this past weekend's Evo Championship Series was most popular? Here's a hint: it was the one game that Nintendo tried to pull from the proceedings.

Yup; Super Smash Bros Melee was the most watched stream in the history of EVO. But not only that, it's also the most watched fighting game, via a livestream, in the world period. According to Tom "inkblot" Cannon, EVO's co-founder:

This, perhaps more than anything else, is the happy ending that Super Smash Bros fans have been waiting for. Which is a journey that started with a charity drive that ended up raising 100K for breast cancer research, to help secure an open slot at this year's tournament. One that was in jeopardy when Nintendo demanded the game's removal for reasons at that has yet to be specified. A move that was reversed very close to the 11th hour.

It could be argued that all the attention that Nintendo unwillingly generated via bad press helped to reach such a record number. Which is why it'll be interesting to see if they bother to mention this accomplishment, given that Nintendo's PR machine often likes to highlight any and all instance of their games being popular in whatever noteworthy fashion.

[via Game Informer]


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