DM MCX Xian Wins 'Super Street Fighter IV' Grand Finals at Evo 2013

by Joseph Leray

Last night, a Singaporean "Street Fighter IV" player named DM MCX Xian dominated teammate MCX Tokido in three straight matches to win the Grand Finals of the Evo Championship Series 2013 tournament.

The Grand Finals matchup between Xian's Gen and Tokido's Akuma was actually a rematch from earlier in the day. The two met in the winner's bracket finals -- Evo is a double-elimination tournament -- where Xian dispatched Tokido to the loser's bracket 3-1.

In both games, Tokido's strategy was to use Akuma's fireballs to keep Gen at a safe distance and then to follow up with combos of his own. Xian, meanwhile, was mostly content to be patient while looking for chinks in Akuma's defense.

That style of play can seem a little slow for spectators -- Gen takes one round after time runs out, for example -- but if you watch both games together, you can see the gears turning in Xian's head as he learns more and more about Tokido's Akuma. By the third match of the Grand Finals, Xian is comfortable enough to get aggressive and simply dominates Tokido.

DM MCZ Xian -- whose real name is Kun Xian Ho -- is the first Singaporean player to win Evo since its inception in 2002, and his victory caps off the company's largest tournament to date, featuring over 3000 players competing in nine games.

"Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3," "Injustice: Gods Among Us," "Super Smash Bros. Melee," "King of Fighters XIII," "Street Fighter X Tekken," "Tekken Tag Tournament 2," "Mortal Kombat," and "Persona 4 Arena" all featured major tournament player, in addition to "Super Street Fighter IV."

A complete list of results can be found on Evo's official site.


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