Kick Them When They're Down: Sega Sues THQ Over 'Company of Heroes' Pre-Orders

by Joseph Leray

Company of Heroes 2

Despite going bankrupts and being drawn and quartered at auction, things continue to get worse for erstwhile publisher THQ: Sega of America has filed suit against it for over $940,000.

When THQ's assets were sold at auction earlier this year, Sega scooped up "Company of Heroes" developer Relic Entertainment. However, "Company of Heroes 2" was pre-ordered over 20,000 times on Steam between September 2012 and January 2013, generating over $1.3 million in revenue. Valve took their standard 30% cut, leaving THQ with $941,710.93.

Furthermore, Sega claims that $508,877.85 of that was paid to THQ after it formally filed for bankruptcy on December 19, 2012. Now that Sega are publishing "Company of Heroes 2," they want in on the pre-order money.

The claim was filed in the United States Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware, and you can read the brief proof of claim here.

Revenue from THQ's assets sale -- the most recent of which was the "Darksiders" series to Nordic Games -- will be used to pay back THQ's debts. However, because he two companies didn't have a business relationship prior to the Relic Entertainment deal, Sega needed to file suit to join the official list of creditors seeking money from THQ's bankruptcy process.

"Company of Heroes 2," new publisher in tow, was released on PC in late June.

[Kurtzman Carson Consultants via Gamasutra]

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