'Hotline Miami''s Success On The Vita Further Validates Sony's Indie Investment


Sony's on a roll at the moment; many believe they've been making all the right moves. Like the direction they chose to go with the PS4, in terms of used games, DRM, and various other matters of policy.

Their support of the indie scene has also gotten plenty of thumbs up. Which is nothing new really; thatgamecompany provided one of the very first high profile PSN releases, Flow, and would later produce the universally celebrated Journey.

Though Sony’s interest in the indie scene has intensified as of late, perhaps to entice those who would have flocked to Microsoft’s ecosystem, until word got around that it’s such a great place anymore. Still, many have wondered if the investment would ultimately pay off. And thus, how long it would really last.

While it might to early to tell, thus far, the investment seems to be paying off. According to the PlayStation Blog, the top selling Vita game for the month of June was "Hotline Miami" from Dennaton Games.

Never mind that it managed to beat games AAA games like Assassin’s Creed III Liberation and Sony's very own LittleBigPlanet for the Vita, what makes this truly remarkable is how it was released on June 25th. That means it managed to top the list in just five days.

It's worth noting that several other notable indie games fills out the Vita's top ten list. Including LIMBO, Guacamele, and Sound Shapes.

Hotline Miami also cracked the top twenty on the PS3, at a very respectable number 19. Given how much bigger the install base of the home system is compared to the handheld, that's definitely not too shabby.

This bodes well with several other indie titles that are about to arrive on the PSN relatively soon. Titles like "Spelunky," "LUFTRAUSERS," "Hohokum," "Divekick"… the list goes on.

Unfortunately, "Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number" isn't included, at least not yet. One has to assume (or at least hope) that given the success of part 1, part 2 will eventually make an appearance.

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