SDCC 13: 'Comic-Con Star Stalker' Brings the Convention Experience to You

by Joseph Leray

You are standing in the ridiculously long line for a bathroom at San Diego Comic-Con. Instead of dropping trou into a giant, novelty swag bag with some unheard of Korean MMO plastered on the side, the editors of the Devastator hope you'll play a rousing round of "Comic-Con Star Stalker."

"Comic-Con Star Stalker" is a 2D endless runner for iPhone and iPad. As the name suggests, your job is to guide Fanboy Seth as he avoids crowds, eats power-up nachos, and chases down the celebrities of Comic-Con to get their John Hancocks in his autograph book. I've never hounded anyone for autographs, but crowded show floors and bad food are familiar foes.

And judging from my own experience, the game probably ends when Seth comes down with Con SARS or is too hungover to leave his hotel room.

Either way, the free game comes courtesy of Geoffrey Golden and Amanda Meadows, editors of the Devastator, a quarterly magazine dedicated to humor, cartoons, satire, and comedy. If, by chance, you find yourself in the teeming throng of the San Diego Convention Center next week, you can find the Devastator crew at booth F-03.

"Comic-Con Star Stalker" is free and will be available from the iOS App Store starting July 15.

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Joseph Leray is a freelance writer from Nashville. Follow him on Twitter