Watch 2K's Twitch.TV Live Stream For 'The Bureau: XCOM Declassified' Right Here!


I've gushed over my love of "XCOM" and 2K Marin's prequel "The Bureau" is looking to shape up nicely -- especially given the shakey reception way back during that 2010 E3 when fans learned that it would be a third person shooter.  At any rate, slowly but surely 2K has been leaking info on their top secret tactical shooter and today they're running a live stream of gameplay and developer answers on Twitch. In fact, as you're reading these very words I'll be sequestered deep in 2K's HQ playing a whole bunch of "The Bureau" (you're jealous I know). But if you can't wait until more impressions you can get in on the otherworldly action right now!

Watch live video from 2K on

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