'GTA V' Excites The Creator Of 'MGS V,' But Also Bums Him Out


The latest trailer for "Grand Theft Auto V" did not fail to impress. Pretty much everyone is exciting about its impending release. Including Hideo Kojima, whose currently piecing together another highly anticipated title, "Metal Gear Solid V."

According to Kotaku, Kojima let it be known on Twitter (via his Japanese account; he also said the following on his English account as well, though his thoughts were not as articulate) that Rockstar's latest looks so good that it's actually kind of depressing:

"I saw the new GTA V trailer! It was awesome, way too awesome. This degree of freedom is surely the future of gaming! It's at a different level from others. To be honest, it depresses me."

Not only that, but he also expressed doubts that the next Metal Gear will be able to stack up:

"I don't think our V can reach that level. Though, Rockstar's devs are the best. Make no mistake, this will raise the potential of video games."

Is this any cause for concern about the eventual quality of The Phantom Pain. Not really; Kojima has always been a good natured, humble individual, one whose passion for video games is unmistakable.

Plus, given the level of excellence of track record, Metal Gear fans honestly have nothing to worry about. But then again, it'll be interesting how he approaches open world gameplay, which will be a first for MGS V.

It seems almost a given that Kojima will look towards GTA as a source of inspiration. It is the game that helped establish the genre, after all.


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