These 'Metal Gear Rising' Shirts Are Super Stylish And Super Cheap


When it comes to video game apparel, UNIQLO can't be beat. Not only are they ultra stylish, they're ultra comfortable as well. Best of all, the prices aren’t half bad at all, provided you ever get the chance to purchase something.

Aside from the fact that certain designs are often specific to a certain parts of the world, demand is always high across the board.

Though it would appear that the latest batch of MGS shirts have not been strong sellers; whereas previous editions have always sold out in quick fashion. Because the entire Metal Gear Rising line is available for a deep discount.

The regular asking price of $19.90 was pretty reasonable to begin with, but the reduced asking price of $5.90 is certifiably insane. There's also a hoodie for just $12.90, and that's an awesome deal as well. Unfortunately, no all sizes are available, and expect stock to continue to dwindle, so act fast.

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