NYU Wants To Help Create The Future Of Fighting Games



The NYU Game Center is a place where some of today's brightest minds in the world of game design all gather to impart their wisdom to those who will pave the way tomorrow.

For the most part, indie games are mostly associated with the program, given the pedigree of its faculty (including Bennett Foddy, best known for QWOP, who will be the new Visiting Professor this fall), along with the games that have been produced there (with Nidhogg being perhaps the best known example).

But the Game Center enjoys games of all kind, even decidedly mainstream fare, including fighting games. As evidenced by their annual celebration, dubbed Spring Fighter. Though NYU is taking it a step further, by partnering with Evo Championship Series, to help make the next big thing in fighting games happen:

"The EVO Scholarship will be awarded annually to an applicant who best demonstrates an active participation in the fighting game community, an interest in game design with a focus on innovating in the field of competitive games, and a legitimate financial need."

Perhaps the most interesting thing is how anyone who catches EVO later this weekend will be lending a hand. Provided they do so via the HD stream:

"The scholarship will be funded by the proceeds from the HD stream at EVO. This means that every person who upgrades to HD will be directly funding a scholarship for someone in the fighting game community. To receive the scholarship, prospective students will apply to the MFA program when our applications open in the Fall and complete supplemental application material about their involvement in the fighting game community."

The NYU Game Center will also be at the tournament, which takes place in Las Vegas. In addition to answering any question, various games from the program that's right the alley of the FGC will be present, including Barabariball and Nidhogg.

[Via NYU Game Center]

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