Here's Our 'Splinter Cell: Blacklist' Takedown Supercut (Video)

By Miguel Concepcion (Video Production by Miguel Concepcion)


Remember that annoying kid in school who knocked the back of your knee and made you lose balance? Sam Fisher was once that kid, and he's still pulling that prank as a near-middle aged man. That move and many, many other sneaky maneuvers are packaged in this 'Splinter Cell: Blacklist' supercut, which I edited for MTV Multiplayer! Watch after the jump.

Watch: 'Splinter Cell: Blacklist' Takedown Supercut

These scenes were taken from three sections of the game: two single player chapters set in Chicago and Paraguay as well as an opium farm in Afghanistan from one of the coop modes. This originally featured 101 takedowns, but we thought it best to remove the brutal, less graceful moments, the ones where Sam unloads an entire clip into a guy. So we're left with 84 takedowns, one revived coop partners, and one guy tossed in a storage bin. Still, we advise viewer discretion.

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