Role Reversal: Play as a Communist, Neo-Nazi, and Ranger in ‘Metro: Last Light’ DLC

by Joseph Leray

We’ve known for weeks that “Metro: Last Light,” 4A Games’ moody, terse post-apocalyptic horror-shooter, would be privy to a suite of downloadable content. Today the company released a handful of details, including the fact that first expansion — the “Faction” pack — will be released on July 16.

The “Faction” pack includes three single-player missions, pulling you out of Artyom’s brooding, Dark Ones-sympathizing boots and dumping you into the Redline, Reich, and Polis cities.

In one mission, players will guide a Redline Sniper into a Reich outpost during a nuclear storm. In another, players will visit the Frontline area from “Metro 2033” as a Reich Heavy, once again defending against the encroaching Communist threat.

The last mission in the “Faction” pack is about a novice Polis Ranger whose mission is to explore the expansive Library (another level from the original “Metro”). Salvage can be traded for air filters to let you probe deeper into the Library’s catacombs, but you’ll need to leave a trail of breadcrumbs to get back out.

The “Developer” and “Chronicles” packs — scheduled for later in the summer — also feature new single-player missions. The “Developer” pack tasks players with clearing out an infestation in the Spider’s Nest, but “Chronicles” hews closer to familiar terroritory: it catches up with Anna, Pavel, and Khan’s exploits during the events of “Last Light.”

Rounding out the bunch is the “Tower” DLC, a challenge mode with online leaderboards for the best and brightest.

The “Faction” pack — screenshots below — will be available on Steam, Xbox Live, and the PlayStation Network on July 16, for $4.99. The other three will follow suit later this summer.

[Enter the Metro]

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