Apple Celebrating The App Store's Birthday With Free Games


The App Store is not only one of the most thriving digital marketplaces in operation today, but one of the most powerful and influential of its kind, period. Practically since day one, which is almost five years ago today.

So to celebrate its upcoming birthday, Apple is giving away assorted goodies! You've got free apps, which are great and all, but since this is a gaming blog, let's just concentrate on the free games!

Sword and Sworcery EP -- iPhone/iPad

An ultra stylish adventure game that's the brainchild of two Canadian indie darlings, Superbrothers and CAPY (the latter is currently putting together the highly anticipated Super Time Force, plus Below, one of the very few indie games announced for the Xbox One).

Badland -- iPhone/iPad

Its list of accolades includes nabbing this year's Apple Design Award. Similar to Sword and Sworcery EP, Bandland is an ultra atmospheric indie offering, but instead of being a point and click (actually tap) adventure games, it's an action adventure platformer.

Infinity Blade II -- iPhone/iPad

A swordplay simulator from Epic Games that helped set the bar in terms graphic fidelity for mobile gaming. It's also one of the first examples of a smart phone game boasting visuals that rivals console offerings.

Where's My Water? -- iPhone/iPad

A relatively new offering from Disney, its a physics-based puzzle game that taps into fluid dynamics to rack one's brains, all in hopes of allowing Swampy the Alligator to take a shower.

Tiny Wings -- iPhone

A longtime favorite, about a bird that has… you guessed it… tiny wings, so you'll need to help him get air time by sliding up and down hills.

Mini Motor Racing -- iPhone and iPad

Looks like a classic top down16-bit racer, but is chock full of modern flourishes. Like a variety of environments, upgrades, single player career, and multiplayer modes.

Peggle -- iPhone and iPad

The PopCap classic that basically transforms the Japanese pastime of pachinko and turns it into the ultimate casual game, one that hardcore gamers will still totally dig.

Dead Space -- iPhone and iPad

It's the misadventures of Isaac Clarke, on your iOS devices. As far as 360/PS3 ports goes, it's in the "eh, they did an okay job I guess" range.

Mirror's Edge -- iPhone and iPad

Another 360/PS3 port, this one isn't quite the shameless Canabalt rip-off that it would appear to be initially, though there are definitely some similarities.

The Sims Medieval =- iPhone and iPad

Not much needs to be said, other than it's The Sims, in your pocket. Also, it's set in medieval times, for whatever reason.

Flight Control -- iPhone and iPad

Advertised as an iOS classics, and it's true. Flight Control was one of the first breakthrough games for the platform and unquestionably help set to the pace for countless games after it. Worth checking out for simply historical purposes alone.

It's a more than decent selection, and even if not everything sounds up your alley, they're all free, so you may as well download them all anyway.

There might actually be more games to come, though don't sit on this current back for too long, because the celebration won't last forever.

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