GameStop Ceases PlayStation 4 Pre-Orders


The demand for Sony's PS4 will no doubt be high this upcoming holiday season. Though the demand right this very moment, many months before its launch, is already quite remarkable.

GameStop has just stopped taking pre-order for the PlayStation 4, due to demand being way more than they can handle. Initially, the cut off took place in stores, but one could still claim dibs on a system online. But stock on that end has been depleted as well.

A few weeks ago, GameTrailers published an internal GameStop memo that told store employees that they could take unlimited pre-orders. Meaning, if someone wanted to put down money for 10 consoles, theoretically, his or her money was good. Maybe that wasn't such a smart idea after-all.

At any rate, it's going to be tricky getting one's hand on the system when it finally launches, but we all knew that was going to be the case. That's half the fun of any new console release in the first place.


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