Here's Ten Minutes of 'Destiny' Gameplay with Bungie's Commentary

by Joseph Leray


We're a small crew here, manning the Good Ship Multiplayer, handcrafting our posts, uploading only the finest videogame trailers, posting artisanal, fair-trade screenshots. Being owned and operated by a huge multinational media company is tough work, so you'll forgive us if, turns out, we forget to post an E3 presentation of one of the highest-profile games in development.

Yeah, we haven't posted about "Destiny" in a while. Whoops.

Thankfully, Bungie have been kind enough to re-upload the E3 reveal, this time with developer commentary from artists Mike Zak, Mark Peterson, and Ryan Ellis. Given the commentators, "Destiny"'s real-time lighting, liquid, and reflection effects are given a fair deal of, ur, screen time, but Bungie's walkthrough is a pretty painless introduction to Old Russia, the beetle-faced Fallen Ones, an AK called the Thunderlord, and instanced public events.

Bungie's quasi-pseudo-MMO sci-fi bonanza is appealing so far, its individualized loot streams and the promise of sprawling vistas, frozen tundras, and exotic foreign planets scoring particular points with me. Still, the game's E3 presentation poses more questions than it answers: What to make of its monetization schemes? How scripted are those public events? Will there be cross-platform play?

I know myself well enough to know that the answers to those questions matter less to me than being able to collect tons of sweet loot (Thunderlord!) on Venus.

Futuristic sci-fi first-person shooter isn't exactly a new genre -- and "Destiny" joins other games like CCP's "Dust 514" and Respawn's "Titanfall" when it comes to adding MMO hooks to that coveted tradition -- but there's something undeniably familiar about shooting a four-armed, bipedal beetal and robbing his corpse of a sweet new cyber-shotgun or mega-pistol.

"Destiny" is being published by Activision and should be out next year for both PlayStations and both Xboxes.


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