'ZombiU' Was Not Profitable, So You Can Forget About Any Sequels


"ZombiU" was last winter’s surprise third party hit for the Wii U. It demonstrated that Nintendo isn't the only one capable of producing something fresh and engaging on their home console hardware, which hasn’t been the case historically speaking.

The critics were largely complimentary of the title, and trustily showered ZombiU with plenty of attention. So the game was a hit, and earned the publisher a decent chunk of pocket change, right? Apparently not.

In a recently published GamesIndustry article, Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot revealed that all the positive word of mouth didn't really matter when all was said and done, so the game failed to turn a profit. Which is why a sequel is the last thing on anyone's mind.

Furthermore, it was noted that "ZombiU" being a bust is the reason why Rayman Legends, which at one point was a highly publicized Wii U exclusive, ended up becoming a multi-platform SKU earlier this year.

Needless to say, this is bad news for a system that is still trying to prove itself, over 6 months past its debut. As GamesIndustry also points out, Ubisoft has always been a fan of new hardware; some might recall Guillemot claiming that game production had become stagnant because he and other didn't have new toys to play with.

So to basically shun one of the three consoles that will carry us forth for the foreseeable future is not good. Though one has to wonder how much faith Ubisoft had in the Wii U to begin with.

Such a big studio with so many resources didn't spend nearly as much time and resources to market the game's release, especially when compared to all the pomp and pageantry that accompanied other releases, including "Assassin's Creed."

It's also worth nothing how Ubisoft published two of the original Wii's very best games, "No More Heroes 1 & 2," which similarly were criminally under-pushed and both have the poor sales figures to prove this.

In the end, "ZombiU" is yet another example of how, if you want a game to sell, you'll have to do a bit of work and not completely rely upon the press.


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