At Last! 'GTA V' Gets A Gameplay Video!


Last week some of your most asked questions were answered straight from the source. Well, after a year of teasing us with endless screenshots and short trailers, Rockstar finally releases their first gameplay trailer for the highly anticipated "Grand Theft Auto V!"

Watch: GTA V Official Gameplay Video

Though not much on the official plot of GTA V has been revealed, the basic thread weaves these three antiheroes in one overarching story of bank heists, high speed chases, and high-stakes kidnapping. One scene shows in particular shows Michael -- the kinda-sorta "brains" of the operation -- bust through a skyscraper window to nab some CEO/businessman while Franklin and Trevor backs him up. You'll jump from character to character as each have a specific task as the mission progress.

Of course the major change comes with the ability to assume direct control over any one of the three characters at a whim. No longer are you tied to just one ne'er-do-well. Shown as a brief, satellite view of the city you can drop out of one guy and possess another. It's very evocative of hi-tech thrillers wear an omniscient comptroller has a voyeuristic vantage point complete with jump cuts as the camera zooms into your new skin.

GTA wouldn't be GTA without the usual degree of customization and side attractions. New clothing and cars can be acquired and tweaked to your personal preferences. Tattoos are back, ya'll! Hunting, golfing, skydiving, and even diving -- a massive underwater portion seems to be fully explorable --among much, much more will be available when you just want to goof off when not doing missions.

Rockstar is also promising tighter mechanics. Personally, I've always felt that GTA was a driving game first and shooting game a distant number two. It's always seemed a bit floaty and imprecise. Without having official hands-on, I can't say for certain but if the devs can make it more fluid while keeping the controls crisp then sign me up! Multiplayer is lightly teased at the end but we should get a video on that portion soon enough.

"GTA V" is slated for September 17 for PS3 and Xbox 360.

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Watch: Grand Theft Auto V 'Michael' Trailer

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