‘Good Friends’ DLC Pack Bringing New Characters to Gaijin Games’ ‘Runner 2’

by Joseph Leray

Gaijin Games have announced a new pack of downloadable content for “Bit.Trip Presents … Runner 2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien” that introduces new characters to the exuberant platformer. The developers will be revealing seven new runners for the “Good Friends” pack throughout the week, starting off with Razputin from Double Fine’s “Psychonauts” and Quote from Daisuke Amaya’s “Cave Story.”

Videogame crossovers aren’t a new trend: fighting games companies have been experimenting with them since at least the original “Marvel vs. Capcom” in the mid-90’s and continuing through the “Super Smash Bros.” and “Soul Calibur” series, and there’s an entire cottage industry of mish-mashed Japanese role-playing games doing the same thing, the latest being Monolith Soft’s “Project X Zone.”

Team Meat put their own spin on crossovers by including the likes of Gish and Commander Video (the hero of Gaijin’s “Bit.Trip” series) as unlockable characters in “Super Meat Boy.”

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