'GlassBattle' Is For Google Glass Wearing Fans Of Battleship



The reasons why someone might be excited for Google's wearable computer might largely resemble the ones given by someone who finds Google Glass to be an abomination.

For example, some believe that the idea of being able to instantly record footage without having to bust out a camera to be the bold future we've all been waiting for, while others find the idea flat out creepy and obnoxious.

But even it's most ardent detractors cannot deny that the possibilities that Google Glass might contain when it comes to gaming is genuinely intriguing.

There is little doubt that game makers have been had at work ever since the device was first revealed, and especially since the release of its official API (dubbed Mirror). And while we've yet to hear of anything on the scale of Super Mario, Halo, or Tetris, GlassBattle represents a nice, modest first step nonetheless.

The creation of developer Brick Simple, GlassBattle is a basic recreation of the classic board game for the optical head-mounted display, one that supports asynchronous play between two players.

As you can see, the interface is not at all fancy or sophisticated, but it gets the job done. Yet one has to wonder if highly detailed graphics would even be advisable on such an interface in the first place. Furthermore, the environments used in the demo are curious to say the least.

Admittedly, grocery shopping is not exactly exciting, so perhaps playing a game concurrently would help liven things up, though it could also be super distracting. Meanwhile, it would appear that the other player could care less about enjoying Mother Nature, his nice stroll through a rather beautiful looking park, and on such a beautiful day. Instead, it's all about his Google Glass.

According to Joystiq, who was the first to highlight the video, Brick Simple's handiwork is not yet available to the select few who already own a pair at the moment, but it should be relatively soon. At the very least, GlassBattle proves that gaming on Google Glass is indeed possible.

Who knows, maybe one day we'll get the same kind of game that was seen on Star Trek: The Next Generation? You know, the one that almost crippled the entire crew of the Enterprise. Perhaps the haters are right about Google Glass after all?

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