Latest 'Pikmin 3' Trailer Demonstrates Once More That It's All About Survival Of The Fittest (And Cutest)


It's been a long time coming, but the one game that justified the purchase of a Wii U this past holiday for many, and which may also be the reason to finally buy in for those still on the fence, is almost here.

"Pikmin 3" is now only a few weeks away, yet there’s still some time to kill. So how about a brand new trailer in the meanwhile?

It’s not like most highlight reels you see from Nintendo these days. Instead of Reggie Fils-Aime, Bill Trinen, or some other Nintendo rep holding the viewer's hand and pointing out what's what, you're simply assaulted with a barrage of gameplay footage.

To a large degree, "Pikmin 3" should look largely familiar to those who are casually acquainted with the franchise, though diehard fans will have already noticed key differences.

For those who haven't been keeping track, part three introduces several new Pikmin to the party, including a rock type that can plow through tough barriers, as well as tough foes, plus a winged variety that can carry items in the air, and which is featured most prominently in the footage above.

You also have that brand new, big nasty bug at the end. He’s rather gross looking, yet also somewhat cute? Plus, the game as a whole is simply gorgeous, noticeably prettier than the first two installments.

"Pikmin 3" arrives in both retail and downloadable form, via the Nintendo eShop, on August 4th for North American territories. Sorry, but the July 26th at the very end is just for European market. Whereas those in Japan are even luckier; they get the game first, on July 13th.

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