Atlus Parent Company Registers 'Persona 5'-Related Website

by Joseph Leray

Aigis (Persona 3)

Index Corporation, the Japanese parent company that owns Atlus, registered a domain name for "," which may indicate (be still my heart!) an impending announcement for the next game in the "Persona" series.

Now, before we all get twitterpated over thoughts of next-gen demon fusing and social linking, domain registries don't generally mean much. As Joystiq points out, Index doesn't own "" or "," so they may just be squatting on the domain to protect their intellectual property. And even if "Persona 5" does exist, games get cancelled all the time without so much as an official press release. To life a line from Jules Winnifred, be cool.

"Persona 5" rumors have been making their way through the collective grapevine since, gosh, 2009: Atlus' internal "Persona 4" team reportedly reunited for a new game years ago, and "Persona" director Katsura Hashino has gone on record a few times saying that his team are working on "the next 'Persona' game" (in 2010 and again in 2012).

Without an official announcement, though, there's always a chance that Persona Team is working on enhanced editions or PlayStation Vita ports, which have been their lifeblood for the past few years.

Even with those reservations in mind, any news is good news on the "Persona" front. I've told the story before, but I've always been disappointed that someone burgled my copy of "Persona 4" before I got to play it -- a next- (or even current-) generation iteration would be a suitable panacea.

As the console cycle winds down, "Persona" may have skipped this generation altogether, though both "Persona 3" and "4" were released on the PlayStation 2 well after the release of the PS3. The annual Tokyo Game Show is happening in late September, though, so we may hear more then.

[DomainTools via NeoGAF]

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