Increase Your Carisma with This Amazing 3D Printed, Wearable Pip-Boy 3000!


Plasma rifles and powered armor are good and all but if you want to survive the post-apocalypse in style — and keep track of how S.P.E.C.I.A.L. you are– then you’ll need a Pip-Boy 3000! Thankfully, Thingverse thing-creator, Dragonator has got your back with instructions for a 3D printable, life-sized version of the famous wrist-mounted computer.

Full blueprints can be found at Thingverse and the entire project can be assembled with a little glue and elbow grease. Dragonator even created a slot for smart phones, so with a little ingenuity you can have fully functional Pip-Boy to monitor your vitals. Check out the video below to really soak in how cool this device is.

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