PSA: Ubisoft Hack Exposes Uplay User Account Information

by Joseph Leray


If you're a member of Uplay, Ubisoft's in-house digital distribution, multiplayer, and rights management platform, you should have gotten an e-mail earlier this morning advising you to change your password for the service. If you didn't, consider this your official public service announcement: you should change your Uplay password as soon as possible.

According to statements from the company, an unnamed Ubisfoft website was recently hacked, allowed people to "gain unauthorized access to some of our online systems." As a result, some ne'er-do-well script kiddie has access to who-knows-how-many Uplay account names, e-mail addresses, and encrypted passwords.

Ubisoft reassures us that no personal information -- credit card numbers, phone numbers, home addresses -- is stored in the Uplay service and that Uplay itself wasn't the target of the exploit. Nevertheless, this is as good a reminder as any to change the passwords on any important accounts tied to your e-mail address or protected by a password similar to the one you use for Uplay.

The company has since launched investigations into the hack -- both within the company and with law enforcement -- and brought in security experts to assess the situation and (hopefully) beef up security moving forward. None of Ubisoft's online games were affected by the compromise.

Uplay users can change their passwords here.


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