‘Rogue Legacy’ Review (PC) — Avenging Your Father, Again and Again and Again…


Take equal parts “Castlevania,” “Ghost ’n’ Goblins,” and “The Binding of Isaac,” mix in some basic middle school biology and you’ll get “Rogue Legacy.” Developer Cellar Door Games — the creators of “Villainous” and “Don’t Shit Your Pants” — hone their development skills on a game much larger in scope. Described as a rogue-lite, “Rogue Legacy” serves up a standard platformer/RPG with a fun twist — your sons and daughters take up the mantle of hero after you die.

The story is your standard RPG fare. Basically, you’re out to avenge the death of your king who was betrayed by his finest knight. It’s pretty bare bones but enough is there to keep pushing you forward. You’ll also find journals written from the betrayer’s view as his mind begins to deteriorate from having been locked away in this magical fortress for some time. Eventually, there is a big reveal of sorts but it’s nothing particularly thought provoking.

Gameplay flows along most platformer conventions — jumping, slashing, collecting items and coins, and, of course, besting bosses. The twist comes from the high difficulty and randomness of the castle layout. Typically in Rogue-likes — once you’re dead that’s it. Game over. However, “Legacy” mercifully grants a few points in your favor. You can choose a new character (from three potential offspring) upon restarting, and you carry over any gold, weapon blueprints, and stat increases from previous runs. This does take a bit of the utter chaos that can befall players of other rogue-likes out of the equation while still retaining the classic brutality of similar games.


What separates this from other hack in slash platformers (like “Ghouls ’n’ Ghosts” or “Castlevania: Symphony of the Night”) is the randomization of the castle. Each time you venture forth, you must pay Charon to enter. The Castle is then reloaded with a new map — though some things remain the same. The forest, dungeon and tower areas will be accessed according to their general locations — East, South, and North respectively. Each area has a special boss enemy which isn’t randomized either.

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