Strong Finish: 'A Hat in Time' Meets All Kickstarter Stretch Goals as Fundraising Winds Down

by Joseph Leray

A Hat in Time

We haven't covered Gears for Breakfast's cel-shaded 3D adventure game "A Hat in Time" yet, but I suspect that's going to change soon: the Copenhagen-based developer has successfully Kicstarted the projected, met all of its stretch goals, and are in talks with Nintendo for a Wii U port.

Gears for Breakfast initially asked for a modest $30,000 to finish development on the game, but Kickstarter donations have -- 24 hours before the campaign closes -- breached $260,000, enough to fund all of the game's stretch goals. These include: developer commentary, co-op, two new chapters, full voice acting, a spaceship hub, a New Game+ mode, and extra music from composer Grant Kirkhope (of "Banjo-Kazooie" fame).

The multi-national dev has also promised one new Kirkhope track for every $15,000 raised about $200,000, which also allow the team to include more enemies, more special attack abilities, and extra NPCs to populate "A Hate in Time"'s colorful world. The campaign ends tomorrow, June 28th, and the game is set for release on Mac and PC next February.

The elevator pitch is simple: "A Hat in Time" combines the time shifting of "Majora's Mask" and the aesthetic of "Wind Waker" and ties them to the 3D action-adventure motifs that flourished -- and then quickly died out -- during the days of the Nintendo 64. The result is -- at first glance -- a lot of collecting, exploring, platforming, and ground-pounding.

Given the obvious and explicit  inspiration from old Rare and Nintendo series, it's no surprise that Gears for Breakfast would try to port the game to Wii U.

If you're feeling nostalgic, you can find tons of more information on the game's Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight pages.

[Kickstarter via Eurogamer]

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