Strong Finish: ‘A Hat in Time’ Meets All Kickstarter Stretch Goals as Fundraising Winds Down

by Joseph Leray

We haven’t covered Gears for Breakfast’s cel-shaded 3D adventure game “A Hat in Time” yet, but I suspect that’s going to change soon: the Copenhagen-based developer has successfully Kicstarted the projected, met all of its stretch goals, and are in talks with Nintendo for a Wii U port.

Gears for Breakfast initially asked for a modest $30,000 to finish development on the game, but Kickstarter donations have — 24 hours before the campaign closes — breached $260,000, enough to fund all of the game’s stretch goals. These include: developer commentary, co-op, two new chapters, full voice acting, a spaceship hub, a New Game+ mode, and extra music from composer Grant Kirkhope (of “Banjo-Kazooie” fame).

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