'Dreamfall Chapters' Devs in Talks For Potential Console Version

by Joseph Leray

Zoë Castillo (Dreamfall Chapters)

The last time we checked in on "Dreamfall Chapters," the successfully Kickstarted follow-up to Ragnar Tørnquist's cult-hit "Longest Journey" series, it had raised a $1 million in crowd-funding and showing off in-game footage. Since then, Red Thread Games' Kickstarter has gone on to raise $1.5 million and hit most of their stretch goals.

According to an interview with Eurogamer, the team is now in talks with Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony to bring the game to next-generation consoles.

"We are preparing to go to consoles," said Tørnquist, Red Thread founder and "Dreamfall Chapters" director, during Rezzed 2013. "Without officially announcing anything. We are keen on getting this game to as many people as possible. The game works extremely well in a TV-couch scenario -- it's a perfect game for that."

"We're building a game that has cross-platform technology anyway, so I think the chances are extremely good that we'll land on one or both of the next-gen consoles," Tørnquist explained.

Tørnquist says that Red Thread has opened with discussion with each platform holder, but he seems to have made the most headway with Sony. "I've officially also said that Sony is a lot more inviting and welcoming to indie developers, so it's a lot easier for us to start that dialogue and get support," he explained, noting that "the PlayStation 4 is definitely an interesting platform for us right now."

"It's a bit harder with Microsoft, but it's not like we're excluding anything," he continued. "The Xbox One and Microsoft, they get a lot of flack, but it's still an extremely interesting platform for us, obviously, and it's going to be huge."

Finally, Red Thread are also considering a Wii U port of "Dreamfall Chapters," assuming the tech lines up. "We are also in dialogue with Nintendo. We're going to be looking at it," he said. "We can't make any promises because the the Wii U, it's underpowered compared to the next-gen consoles and PC obviously - I don't think that's a secret or Nintendo would get upset at me.

"We're going to look at getting the game running on Wii U and then we'll make decisions depending on how that goes and what we see the market possibilities are doing. Like I said, we don't want to exclude anything, so we'll try anything."

"Dreamfall Chapters" picks up where "Dreamfall" -- itself a sequel to "The Longest Journey," Funcom's critically acclaimed adventure title -- left off, tracing Zoë Castillo's journey through the twin worlds of Stark and Arcadia. The PC version is slated for November 2014, barring any unforeseen setbacks. The most recent build of the game is about three months old and was demoed at Rezzed last week.

For more "Dreamfall Chapters" info, the rest of the Eurogamer interview with Ragnar Tørnquist discusses possible tablet versions of "Dreamfall Chapters," Red Thread Games' hesitance to sign on with a publisher, and the team's future goals for building up new IPs and developing for the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset.


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