Hideo Kojima Looking for Studio to Remake the Original 'Metal Gear Solid'

by Joseph Leray


According to an article in GameReactor EU, mystery man, mad genius, and games industry svengali Hideo Kojima is currently looking for a third-party studio to remake the original "Metal Gear Solid" using his company's new Fox Engine. The revelation came as part of a roundtable discussion at E3, when a fan asked Kojima about potential remakes of "Metal Gear Solid" and "Metal Gears Solid 2: Sons of Liberty."

Kojima apparently admitted to the group that some of the game's mechanics would need to be modernized and updated and explained that he'd like to follow up on the success of "Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes," the Gamecube remake of the first game by Silicon Knights.

Indeed, Kojima Productions are no strangers to expansions and re-releases. The PlayStation version of "Metal Gear Solid" was included in Konami's "Essential" and "Legacy" collections, but the game has never been remastered for more modern consoles, much less using a brand new game engine. "Sons of Liberty" and "Snake Eater," the second and third games in the "Metal Gear Solid" series, were remade for last year's "HD Collection," however.

There aren't any details about which studios Kojima has in mind or how far along this hypothetical project is, but Kojima Productions has a handful of more concrete titles in the pipeline.

"Metal Gear Solid: The Legacy Collection," which includes every console game in the series, from 1987's "Metal Gear" to 2010's "Metal Gear Solid IV: Peace Walker," is due in July; and the fifth game in the storied franchise, sub-titled "The Phantom Pain" is currently in development for PlayStations 3 and 4 and Xboxes 360 and One.

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