French Memory Remixing Game Gets e-Book, Cool Cover Art


Capcom partners with author Scott Harrison and Orb Entertainment to create an e-book for their bind-moggling action game, "Remember Me."

Titled "Remember Me: The Pandora Archive" the story is a prequel of sorts as you'll learn a little more about the game's protagonist, Nilin though a variety of experiences and top secret missions in her past.

When a series of devastating bomb blasts rock Neo-Paris, former memory hunter turned Errorist, Trix, is blamed and it is reported that she was acting on orders from the Errorist group – a supposed ‘first in a series of decisive blows’ against the Memorize Corporation. In response, a S.A.B.R.E force squadron is mobilized for a retaliatory assault into Slum 404. However, before her arrest she manages to send a coded signal back to the Errorists. Unable to decode the warning, Nilin visits the Architect, an aging tech expert, who is her only hope.

Though I thought "Remember Me" was a pretty good game, there was one aspect that disappointed me. The world around Nilin and the Neo-Paris dystopia seemed very interesting but was kept at arm's length from the gamer -- you couldn't really explore like you'd want. At any rate, hopefully Harrison can flesh out the world a bit and bring a new perspective on the memory twisting action game.

Also, there's a nifty hi-rez cover art for the e-book... which wouldn't have a real cover anyway so you can use it as a desktop I suppose.




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