Jump Into a Giant Battle Mech with This 'Titanfall' Video


EA may still have a while to go as they slowly climb their way out of "the evilest company in the world" but their E3 line-up showed some promise. Of course, "Mirror's Edge 2" and "Battlefront 3" provided a ton of fanboy love but one game I'm looking forward to it the soldier vs. mech FPS, "Titanfall" is set up to play like a singleplayer experience. Go behind the scenes with the devs to learn their thoughts behind making the game.

It's no surprise given Respawn Entertainment's pedigree -- having splintered off from Infinity Ward after "Modern Warfare 2" -- that the bombastic vision of the multiplayer focused "Titanfall" is set up to play like a singleplayer experience. One of the ore interesting parts during their E3 presentation was the reveil of live multiplayer and how every part of the demo wasn't pre-instanced set-pieces. Information is slowly leaking from EA but this is one game that you should probably keep your eye on.


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