Father of the Year Rents Theatre For Son's Birthday


Not gonna lie, I've always wanted to do this. Coolest dad ever and all around great guy rents out theatre so his son and friends can play video games!

Following the thread, Redditor "agnstdgrain" spent about "$300 for 5 hours" which included unlimited pizza and popcorn for his son, Jonah, thirteenth birthday. That's not nearly as much as I would have guessed. Perhaps it was on an off day, but either way this seems like a very doable thing to do if split amongst a few friends.


Jonah got to play all his favorite games form "Halo" to "Portal" to "Mincraft" and many more. Check out more picks here.


Bonus points for keeping screaming babies, loudmouths, and clickity texters out of the theatre.

[Reddit Via Daily Of The Day]

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