Dust Off Your Buckets, 'Where's My Mickey?' Is Coming

By Miguel Concepcion

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As a Disney-published game, it was only a matter of time before the immensely popular 'Where's My Water?' would find itself tied to a familiar Disney property. Somewhat similar to the thoughtfully repurposed 'Temple Run' (into a mobile game of Pixar's 'Brave'), 'Where's My Mickey?' is more than just a reskin starring Mickey Mouse.

You still need to manipulate the environment to get water to the bottom of the screen, though you now have water-retaining clouds to help in your puzzle solving. This creates new situations involving rain and plant mechanics, spread across over 100 levels.

Visually and thematically tied to the recently announced 'Mickey Mouse' shorts, 'Where's My Mickey?' is packaged as an episodic collection of puzzles. The game retains much of the show's gag-intensive charm and retro aesthetic.

The series starts off with five episodes including a Goofy spin-off game and an XL-specific episode suited for tablets. 'Where's My Mickey?' goes live on June 20, $.99 for phones, $1.99 for iOS and Android tablets, and $4.99 for Windows tablets and PCs.


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