E3 2013: Lock and Load With Over 20 Minutes of "Killzone: Shadow Fall"


It's nearing the end of the work day over here so I don't have anyhting better to do than kick back and watch a giant chunk of the next "Killzone" game along with some developer expositon. What's that? You're bored at work, too? Then grab a coffee and donut and check out a bit of the gameplay from E3.

The demo starts off exactly like the Sony presentation in February, taking the a Vetkan soldier through a surprise ambush launched by the devious Helghast. After the live gameplay the developers, Guerrilla Games, talk about the art direction of the next installment. It's really interesting have the arts leads discuss the decisions involved with creating a new look using form, color, and design.

Watching some of that gameplay, "Shadow Fall" is shaping up to be a knock-out in the graphics department. Of course, if you remember the time just before the PS3 launch, Guerrilla and Sony got into a little bit of a jam when they showed off the almost too amazing "Killzone 2" -- which turned out to be a pre-rendered "possibility" of the power of the PS3. The devs assure us that this time around, the gameplay is all realtime. At any rate, it's looking great.



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