Battle Arena E3 Throwdown 2013 Round 3!


The dust has settled as E3 2013 comes to a close but the war wages on to determine the best game from the event! Round three is go!

There have been a couple of close calls. "Killzone: Shadow Fall" eeked past "Battlefield 4" by less than 1% to claim a victory and "Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain"'s Big Boss just ran out of steam in favor of Peter Molyneux's enigmatic new god game "Godus" by a few points. The third week match-ups should prove very interesting as fan loyalties are stronger than ever.

The next battles are:

Edward Kenway (Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag) VS. Aiden Pearce (Watch_Dogs)

In what has become an unofficial Ubisoft face-off, Edward and Aiden have defeated Rayman and Sam Fisher respectively. Can elite hacker, Aiden outwit one of the world's greatest assassins?

Third Streets Saints POTUS (Saints Row IV) VS. Black Mask (Batman: Arkham Origins)

It's been a long strange ride follwing the Saints fanchise. This time they have superpowers. Can Black Mask gather a strong enough team of baddies to conquer the Third Street Saints?

Sev (Killzone: Shadow Fall) VS. The Supreme Being (Godus)

While technically not Sev from the other "Killzone" games, the future soldiers have proven themselves against the fearsome Helghast. The Supreme Being, however, is a god. So... you know.

"Guardians of the City" (Destiny) VS. Joel and Ellie (The Last of Us)

I'm not exactly sure what the Guardians are capable of but Joel and Ellie have survived the worst of what the apocalypse has to offer.



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