E3 2013: Reggie Talks Indies, ‘New Super Luigi U,’ And Picks His Favorite ‘Super Mario 3D Land’ Character

At last week’s E3 we had a chance to chat with the head of Nintendo of America, Reggie Fils-Aime about a wide range of topics relating to the company. With the business out of the way in yesterday’s post, today we’re dig in to some of the lighter points: Nintendo’s support of indie developers, the success of the 3DS, the surprising origins of “New Super Luigi U,” and which character Reggie chooses in “Super Mario 3D World” (hint: it’s not Mario).

Multiplayer: Over the last few months, one of the things that I’ve seen in the press, and in talking to people, is that indie developers are singing your praises. What makes now the right time for Nintendo to be going into that market in such a big way?

Fils-Aime: You know, dating back to the Wii and the DSi days, we’ve always thought that experienced, but independent developers are a key opportunity. These are talents to be nurtured. These are professionals that are looking for an outlet for their wonderful products, and we’ve worked hard to cultivate those relationships, but most importantly to provide them tools and capabilities to bring their products to bear on our platforms, and I think especially now we are doing a really good job. We’ve given them a lot of tools, we’ve given them a lot of support, and we’ve created a marketplace that provides discoverability. A marketplace that provides marketing capabilities. That’s what these independent developers are looking for, and I think that’s why they are so enthusiastically singing our praises.

Multiplayer: In terms of the teams that you are working with, how does the selection process working?

Fils-Aime: The process that we go through is we make the tools available, and we make the tools available to everyone, then we have a “process” which I wouldn’t even call it a process. Essentially the developers create the content, they submit it for lock check, and that’s it. They identify the pricing. What we do beyond that is when we see that there’s content that is especially meaningful, an independent team that we think highly of, then we’ll put some of our marketing muscle behind that title to help it break through. We’ve been really fortunate to build some great relationships, and to see some fantastic content. That overall environment is what the independent developers love so much.

Multiplayer: The 3DS has taken a little bit of a backseat at this year’s E3… would you agree?

Fils-Aime: WHAT! “Pokemon X/Y”! Come on!

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