Big Smiles 'Confirm' Oculus Rift Support for PS4


I feel like the quotes in the title should be extra bolded.

Could the PS4 have Oculus Rift support in near future? Shuhei Yoshida might be hiding something behind that big smile.

Speaking with Engadget

"We've got a couple of the development kits, and I tried it out and I love it," he told us in an interview this morning at E3 2013. Whether the PlayStation 4 will support it is another question. "No, it doesn't," Yoshida told us. Not yet, that is.

When we asked whether the company's planning on offering support in the future, he only offered a "No comment" with a big smile.

It's no surprise that something might be brewing deep within Sony's techlab. Speculation suggests that an OR-like device would be right up Sony's 3D vision and that by partnering to create a co-branded/produced product, they could check off advantage against the Xbox One. Of course, I'm just wishing here as smiling rarely means any promises. Still, I'd love to have Sony support the Rift for "Killzone: Shadow Fall!"

[Via Engadget]

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