These 'Game of Thrones'-inspired 'Skyrim' House Banners Are Ready To Hang From Your Battlements


Why are we still even talking about "Skyrim" when "The Elder Scrolls Online" is coming to consoles and the PC next year? Because once you start thinking about "Skyrim," you can't stop thinking about "Skyrim."

Deviantart user fireofashk created this collection of house banners for the various factions in "The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim" in the style of "Game of Thrones"--complete with house mottos and sigils, and everything.

After the jump, check them out. Which is your favorite? While Gray Mane is a little too Third Reich for my taste, Storm Cloak and Storm Fist are the best of the lot, to my mind.






[Source: fireofashk via otlgaming]

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