E3 2013: 'The Elder Scrolls Online' Coming to Xbox One, PlayStation 4 Next Year, says Bethesda

by Joseph Leray


Bethesda Softworks announced yesterday that "The Elder Scrolls Online," the massively multiplayer entrant into their iconic role-playing series,  would be coming to the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 as well as Windows and Mac.

The pull-quote from the press release belongs to one Matt Firor, the MMO veteran tasked with directing the new game: "We are thrilled to bring this game to consoles, in addition to the PC and Mac. It's something our fans have been requesting since we first announced the title and something our team is excited to offer. Everyone will be able to play 'The Elder Scrolls Online' the way they want to play."

To accompany the news -- and because, y'know, it's E3 -- Bethesda released an ostensible gameplay trailer (embedded below) that shows a few seconds each of first-person spell-casting and third-person axe-swinging. It does a better job showing off Tamriel's various milieus and the different customization options for player-characters.

Watch: The Elder Scrolls Online E3 2013 Trailer

The track record for console MMOs in the past -- whether role-playing games or shooters or otherwise -- could be generously described as "fair to middling." The controller-vs.-mouse-and-keyboard debate will continue until the heat death of the universe and could conceivably be tackled with smart UI, but console multiplayer architectures tend to put a logistical damper on things as well.

Bethesda haven't released any details on whether or not "The Elder Scrolls Online" will feature a subscription, but the game is currently in beta: you can sign up for any of its four platforms here. An official release is planned for Spring 2014.

[The Elder Scrolls Online]



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