The Best Wii U News From The Nintendo’s Pre-E3 Direct Presentation

The World of Nintendo got a little bit bigger today as gaming’s most nostalgic company announced a bevvy of new titles for both of their hardware platform. Nintendo are not taking this console generation fight sitting down, and the Japanese developer came out in full force during their 50-minute, nontraditional E3 presentation this morning, which showcased a host of games, some already announced, some only alluded to, and some completely new. Here’s the rundown of the basics if you happened to miss their showcase early this morning.

Super Mario 3D World
The Wii U follow up to the 3DS’ “Super Mario 3D Land,” “Super Mario 3D World” sports four-player multiplayer, and features Princess Peach as a playable character. The game looks and feels like its 3DS predecessor, but with new obstacles and items, including an all-new cat suit, “3D World” looks to take Mario’s 3D adventures to a whole new realm. Check out our hands-on impressions with the game.

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