'Battlefield 4' At E3 2013


Hey you guys, "Battlefield 4" looks absolutely nuts. EA showed off a little bit of the popular multiplayer during their stage show at E3. While I impatiently wait for the video release, my print screen button was heating up during the intense firefight. So here's a recap in screens!


The demo begins on the Siege of Shanghai MP map. As with many other "Battlefield" style maps, there's a squad of soldiers airlifting via choppers. Their mission -- secure the relay points.


During the first few moments after dropoff a short shootout lights up. You can see the dust and debris kick up as an enemy helo searches the immediate area. It's hard to tell with my fuzzy captures, but the gameplay looked gorgeous.


Our leader takes the initiative with a Dice's famous use of operable vehicles. This time the player chooses a water crafter for an amphibious assault. After taking down an enemy boat, that chopper rears its head again shredding our hero to bits.


Fortunately, he has a contingency plan -- hightail it away! Jetskis confirmed!


The squad recieves some orders to infiltrate a skyscraper. The levels dsiplay a staggering ammount of realism and scope. That's an elevator those soldiers are packed in, taking them to the top floor.


Focus on the action please! A quick shot at the intrepid players confirm support for 64 players. nothing new for PC users, but this could be huge for console fans!


Back in the tower, that pesky chopper gets the drop on the team. Keep in mind that every vehicle is piloted by another player. Anyway, annoyed by the fly by shooting, it's finally obliterated thanks to well placed shots.


Not out of the woods just yet. The Commander provides some much needed intel as enemy armor is striking the building with explosives!


That's right; the Commander unit returns as a player assumes the leadership role providing intel via a tablet. Using Battlenet, players can still get in on the action even away from home.


The Commander sends a missle strike against the tanks blowing them away! This kind of interactivity makes "Battlefield 4" a deeper experience and transforms the traditional shooter into an RTS of sorts.


Unfortunately the missle strike is a little too late, and the crumbling tower sends the squad reeling for an exit...


...which happens to be a broken wall. Parachuting is vital to surving a long fall. Just in the nick of time, the building collapses in all the ruinous beauty that "Battlefield" can deliver!




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