Free-to-Play, PS3-exclusive 'Tekken Revolution' Available Tomorrow


Like Tecmo Koei with their "Dead or Alive 5," it appears publisher Namco Bandai is chasing them free-to-play monies with their fighting game series, briefly teasing out "Tekken Revolution" over the weekend via GameSpot.

Are you ready to buy your Yoshimitsu a la carte?

While details of the pre-E3 reveal were scarce, I'm guessing that like "Dead or Alive Ultimate: Core Fighters," players will get a basic roster of fighters and costumes with the options to purchase more for via PSN. Although it's launching tomorrow, Namco Bandai hasn't given word whether this fighter will be compatible with the most recent title in the series, last year's "Tekken Tag Tournament 2." Likewise, we don't know if the game will have the semi-predatory DLC prices of Tecmo Koei's September release.

However, a standalone trailer released over the weekend does reveal that character progression will be one of the features of the game, and players will start off with a roster of eight fighters. Strength, Endurance, and Vigor will be the categories players can upgrade, meaning you might be able to dump all of your points into Lili's HP, making the idosyncratic jumping bean even harder to take down.

At this time, there's no word on whether "Tekken Revolution" will ever make its way to the Xbox 360.

[Source: GameSpot]



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