'Legacy of Kain' Returns As Multiplayer 'Nosgoth'


This came in via Eurogamer over the weekend, but it still seems weird: an unnamed Square Enix studio is currently developing a multiplayer title called "Nosgoth" set in the "Legacy of Kain" universe without the involvement of original studio Crystal Dynamics.

The first rumors of a new game set in the vampire-plagued dark universe of "The Legacy of Kain" surfaced when a listing for the title popped up in the Steam database back in May. A return to the bloody, inter-generational saga of the ruthless vampire lord has been has been a frequent request from fans of the series.

However, speaking with Eurogamer, community manager George Kelion corrected expectations a bit, clarifying that "Nosgoth" (the name of the fictional lands where the games have been set) would not be tapping into Kain (or Raziel's) storylines nor was there a game in that vein in active development. Kelion continues:

"Sorry to be so cagey. There will be an official announcement in due course when we'll reveal Nosgoth properly, so we can't go into tons of detail just at the moment. Everyone at Square Enix is really excited by the game and we're all looking forward to lifting the veil of secrecy in the future.”

The last time we saw Raziel and Kain was when they appeared as character DLC in the Crystal Dynamics-developed isometric shooter, "Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light."

[Source: Eurogamer]

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