E3 2013 Exclusive: Disney Infinity's E3 Booth Has A Cinderella Coach Monster Truck


Our excitement for E3 has grown from light simmer to full boil as the big event grows closer, and one of our most anticipated games is a first look at Disney Infinity. The upcoming mash-up of Disney properties with collectibles and game action has us freaking out more than Dash Incredible - and this first look at one element of the E3 Booth, courtesy of Disney themselves has us even more excited:


Yup, that's a life-size Cinderella's Coach/Monster Truck mash-up, with John Vignocchi - Executive Producer of Disney Infinity - at the... Wheel? Controller? Whatever he's at, we want to be at it, too. The idea, according to the Disney folks, was to show in a very physical way the cohesiveness in the game between how kids play in the living room, letting their imaginations fly; and letting that exist in the physical world. So why not a Cinderella's Coach Monster Truck? Though we imagine the Fairy Godmother must have made that from a VERY rock and roll pumpkin.

In case that wasn't enough, here's a statement from Vignocchi himself on what to expect from the rest of the booth:

Our events team put together a amazing booth for E3 this year. It starts when you walk up to the doors of the show where the team has created an optical illusion as if the Disney Infinity characters are already at the show and welcoming you in...

A few short steps away is the Disney booth, where our team has created a life sized version of the Infinity base that lights up when you step on it. The team wanted to try and deliver on a experiential concept where attendees are being physically transported into the Toy Box mode of Disney Infinity.

If you look around from the base, you will catch glimpses of iconic Disney characters and environments, re-imagined as toys using our unique Infinity art style. You will see new characters like Wreck It Ralph and Tonto mixing it up with old favorites like Bullseye from Toy Story and Stitch. Anything can happen inside Infinity’s Toy Box mode!

Also inside our booth is a spectacular toy version of Cinderella's iconic castle, straight from the game... and a custom monster truck version of her coach is right there as well, begging for a photo-op!

The team also wanted guests to get in on the creativity that fuels the Toy Box mode - so we installed a pop-up shop in the booth where guests can choose from 10 different combinations and have a custom t-shirt, short sleeve or hoody made exclusively at the show. We even have toy vending machines that will let guests grab an Infinity character pre-release!

Of course, E3 is all about gaming and we’ve got Infinity there in a big way. There are 18 different demo stations on the floor where you can try all of the announced play sets and the Toy Box mode yourself. We also have network multiplayer up and running in the Toy Box mode which is a blast! Lastly, Infinity will be featured by all of our amazing first party partners at the Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft booths. We have over 30 stations running the game!

The team wanted to hammer home the idea that inside Disney Infinity's Toy Box mode, your imagination is the limit.There is no wrong way to play with your toys.

We hope the booth turns quite a few heads - make sure you stop by and say hello!

Vignocchi also noted the only thing they DIDN'T do was ask the Imagineers how to make the lines go any quicker... This is going to be a VERY popular booth, so make sure to get there early! So stay tuned to their Facebook and Twitter throughout E3 for more news. And of course, stay tuned to Multiplayer throughout E3 as well!




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