We're Getting A 'Man of Steel' Game Next Week! (On Mobile)


The only Superman game coming out for the foreseeable future is this mobile tie-in to "Man of Steel," featuring the Big Blue Boy Scout punch the heck out of Zod's forces on iOS and Android devices on June 14--the same day as the film.

Priced at $2.99 for the iPod Touch and iPhone, and $4.99 in HD for the iPad/Android/Google Play, "Man of Steel" is being billed as an extension of the upcoming Zack Snyder film of of the same name. If that's the case, Supes is going to be doing a lot of punching in and around Smallville.

The developer is Phosphor Games, but it looks a bit like the "Arkham City" mobile/tablet game from a couple of years back, "Batman: Arkham City Lockdown," developed by Netherrealm Studios. That game, like "Man of Steel," focused on hand-to-hand brawling and evasion. You'll notice that the borders for the trailer are weirdly cropped (it's not the usual 16:9, but it's not quite a square, either), and I imagine UI elements are simply being cropped out.

The game will feature both a Story mode as well as a Survival mode featuring waves of ticked-off Kryptonians.

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