Nintendo Mascots Get Hammered In This Live-Action 'Super Smash Bros.' Video


This fan video from vfx specialist Clinton Jones reminds of of the most important thing when it comes to "Super Smash Bros.": always choose Link.

Or Meta Knight.

Since I've started digging around for more fan videos lately, I've come to appreciate some of the things that make the best ones work (and the worst ones insufferable). There's attention to detail and then there's capturing the spirit of the game that the filmmakers are attempting to homage. Even if some of the effects aren't quite sharp enough to match what you see in game, and even if I kind of wish there were some nod to the "SSB" UI, this live-action brawl perfectly encapsulates the anarchy of playing a round of the Nintendo fighting game.

According to its YouTube page, the just under three-minute brawl was shot and completed with on and off effort from Jones (the the help of Roto team) over the last 18 months. Jones goes by the YouTube user name PWNISHER (how was that not taken as soon as YouTube launched), and you can see some of his other effects-driven game-related projects such as "Waluigi vs. Luigi" and a "Sleeping Dogs" fight scene.

[via Event Hubs]

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