Indonesia Gets A Bullet Hell Shooter With 'INheritage: Boundary of Existence'


We don't get a lot of news out of the Indonesian game development scene (heck, it was only last year that I saw my first Indonesian film). Well, here's Bandung-based developer Tinker Game Studio's trailer for their bullet hell shooter, "INheritage: Boundary of Existence," which is based on Indonesian folklore and will be hitting iOS devices and the PC.

It's got bullet, dead school girls, and demigods, so it's at least worth a look.

From Tinker Studio's official synopsis:

INheritage tells the story of Nala, a school girl who is chosen as the protector of Bandung after dying along with her friend in a horrific incident. Nala is now an “Arca,” a powerful being who keeps the material and spirit worlds in check. When the roots of the Tree of Life (“Kalpataru”) that support the barrier between the two realms suddenly disappear, Nala must protect her city from horrifying Yaksa demi-gods. Empowered by Kalpataru and guided by the city's spirit (“Rakyan”), Nala must fight to defend Bandung and send the Yaksa back to their realm.

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