From The Test Chamber To The Bed Chamber: Check Out This 'Portal'-inspired Bedroom


How would you like to wake up to the cool blues and harsh oranges of a Portal gun? Redditor BlondeChell apparently wanted to find out, creating this "Portal"-themed bedroom complete with matching color scheme and replica guns.

The concept apparently began over a year ago, when our amateur interior designer found themselves without a roommate, ultimately taking over a loft and setting the following challenge:

To design from scratch a Portal-themed bedroom that while obviously Portal, would also be aesthetically-pleasing enough that any non-gamer could still look at it and go “Hey, that’s a really neat looking room!” rather than “what’s up with all the weird stuff on the walls?

So what do you think? Did BlondeChell succeed in their mission to create a "Portal" bedroom that would draw the eye of gamers and non-gamers alike?






[Source: Insanelygaming]

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