'Sonic: Lost World' Is Getting Competitive Multiplayer

It's the team-up of the year, as the nasty Dr. Eggman and Sonic the Hedgehog join forces to stop the Deadly Six in the upcoming "Sonic: Lost World." Thankfully, players won't have to enter the fight alone, as Sega has revealed new multiplayer modes being introduced in the Nintendo exclusive.

As the "Sonic: Lost World" story goes, Dr. Eggman was trying to harness the power of the Deadly Six, but he has apparently failed. Thankfully, Sonic has decided to step in so the unlikely duo can face the maniacal creatures head-on. Sonic will use some sweet new parkour moves and improved Color Powers to run, jump and race through ever-changing terrain as hunts down the nogoodniks.


Alongside the interesting single-player campaign, the Wii U and 3DS exclusive will also include a variety of competitive multiplayer modes. Not many details were shared on what these modes will actually consist of, but Sega has also revealed a cooperative support mode. If I have to speculate (and I do), I'm going to guess that this support mode will something like Boost Mode from New Super Mario Bros. U, where one players uses the gamepad to help another by placing blocks and tapping out enemies via the touchscreen. We'll see.


We're hoping Sega and Nintendo will have more from "Sonic: Lost World" to show at E3, so maybe we'll learn more multiplayer specifics then. Until then, watch the trailer above, and get to see the Blue Blur back in action.

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