'Black Ops II' Persoanlization Pack Winners Revealed


Did you vote for your favorite Black Ops 2 personlization pack? I hope so, because the winning designs have been revealed. Unfortunately, no one thought the comic book-inspired design was as cool as I did. On the upside, the designs that won are definitely pretty nifty.

First up is the the Cyborg pack (above), which gets all robot-y with a very Deus Ex feeling orange, black and grey camo scheme. The next winner is the Dragon pack (below), which I'm sure you can imagine adds a scaly, red dragon design scheme to your favorite weapon.


Luckily, the Black Ops II personalization packs don't deliver gun camo alone. In addition to flashy designs on your weapon, packs also include a matching playercard and three themed recticles for the different sights available on each gun. The packs cost 160 Microsoft Points each (about 2 bucks?), and can be purchased through the Call of Duty store in-game. Which one are you picking up?

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