Super Soaked: Stealth Game 'Rain' Gets New Story Trailer

by Joseph Leray

Eagle-eyed observers will note that Sony is making a late-generation push to highlight as many quirky, charming games it can to the PlayStation 3 (and, by extension, the Vita). Some are independently-developed, but some are being made in-house.

Japan Studio, Sony Computer Entertainment's development arm, is currently working on "Rain," for example. We first covered the moody stealth-puzzle game earlier this year during the Game Developers Conference, and this newly-released trailer has done little to dispel the notion that -- if nothing else -- "Rain" has a distinct and ghostly audiovisual style.

The nice thing about this little, delicate games like this is that their marketing doesn't tend to focus on bells, whistles, or bloated features. The new trailer shows our invisible protagonist using rain puddles to wash the mud off of his feet -- so as to better avoid the spectral hounds chasing him and his love interest -- and that's neat, but there's no real news here. A reminder that "Rain" exists, and that it's just really pretty, is all we need.

There's no release date for "Rain" yet, but the official PlayStation Blog promises more info at E3.

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