'Badland' Gets New Levels In Update #2, More Coming This Summer

If you read my App of the Week impressions on Frogmind's "Badland" you already know I'm a fan and, just as the team promised, more levels have now been added to eerie side-scroller. At launch we were introduced to Day 1 of the little black critter's adventure. The new update sees the dawn of Day 2.

"Badland" initially launched with 40 complete stages, spread across Dawn, Noon and Dusk sections. Update #2, which was just released yesterday, takes the total number of levels up to 50, adding 10 Dawn stages to the Day 2 section. Thankfully, unlike other games, "Badland" doesn't expect players to pay for the new levels. To add them to your game all you have to do is head to the App Store and download the latest update.

As expected, these new stages, which you can get a peek at in the video above, aren't the last we'll be seeing from the team at Frogmind. While exact release dates for the upcoming Day 2 Noon and Dusk levels have not been revealed, Frogmind assures us that they're hard at work on the next update, which they hope to release in "late June / early July."

In other "Badland" news, it looks as though the game has received quite a bit of praise since its release. Back in November 2012 at Game Connection Europe, "Badland" was awarded the Best Project Award and Sony's Best Project Award. More recently, "Badland" won the Indie Sensation Award at Nordic Game. Needless to say, if you haven't checked this game out yet, you should.

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